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Business owners, how profitable are the projects you run?

Synchronizing between systems is worth your money

If you are a business owner who provides services to clients such as a digital office, design studio, architects, interior design, and in short if your business works in a project management method - surely you have asked yourself at least once (if not twenty), do your projects really put in as you planned, And where does the money go?
In project management, as you probably know, it is necessary to synchronize between lots of different factors.
That's exactly why you have all the smartest software and systems.
You have beautiful and well-designed quotes that are sent by email, an invoicing system, a CRM system and you have even integrated an internal office system for project management.
Everything works and ticks and the money comes in.

So who is really keeping track of the budget in the project?

Let’s say you run a digital advertising agency and the client asks you for a quote for a campaign design.
You prepare the quote beautifully, put into it all the hours of everyone involved - suppliers, freelancers, project managers and more, and estimate how long the project will take and what the cost will be.
You indicate in the proposal, of course, payment stages that correspond to the stages of project progress.
The customer confirms, everyone is happy and Kadima sets off.
Now suppose that in your bid you have taken into account 20 hours of graphic design, during the project there is a need for further design and the number of hours increases. Let’s just say you even wrote it for yourself somewhere in Excel. But have you considered this additional expense against the project budget?
And remember that in the quote you mentioned 3 payment points after each stage of the project?
Did you remember to back them up on time?

Oops, you did not notice and the budget exceeded

Even a highly talented project manager will have a hard time synchronizing himself between all the different systems and keeping track of the budget versus expenses.
Then you as business managers find yourself at the end of the project with substantive questions like: How much did you really earn on this project? How much did you pay suppliers? Has this project paid off?
Because project management ultimately consists of a lot of layers and a lot of factors, and you are talented managers, but only human beings.

A smart system that replaces all the different systems in your business

manavate however, is a super system. One that knows how to easily replace all the different systems in your business and thus basically synchronize between all the factors.
Already at the bidding stage, allocate the resources to each part of the project within the system and you will know how to price the project accordingly
Any supplier will be able to update exactly your working hours and you will get the full picture
You can have an internal chat of all project participants
You will receive alerts before any budget overruns in case expenses increase
The customer will receive automatic payment requests according to the project stages, and of course invoices after payment
So at the end of the project you will not have to sit in front of axles, invoicing systems, emails and notes that you forgot in a drawer. You will get a very clear picture: how much money went in, how much you paid for each supplier, whether everything was paid on time and most importantly - you will no longer have to guess and throw numbers into the air. From now on you will know exactly how much money you have earned from the project.
How simple, right?
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