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How many tools do you need to run a business?

Familiar with the 80s style jokes how many people need to replace a light bulb?
So the 1980s are long gone and these plank jokes are solid, but the number of software and tools for running a business has only grown. Each of them has come to improve our lives and make our management easier. It's just that sometimes you find yourself trying to manage and sync all the different systems, and it starts to get a bit complicated.
So what tools do we use to run the business?

CRM and Lead Management

Customer management systems come in a variety of different sizes, prices and complex levels. Some are designed to run huge companies with millions of customers, and some are suitable for small businesses.
In a good customer management system you can see, analyze and reach your full potential from your customers.
You can filter and sort, receive hot lead alerts, send automated emails, and not miss a single customer along the way.
Truly a beauty of a thing.

Projects and Tasks Management

A system that, as its name implies, manages the projects in the business. It is built to accommodate several participants in each project, allows budget control, division into stages and tasks, gives different permissions according to the levels of management in the project and allows monitoring of the status of the tasks in each project. In particularly friendly systems it is also possible to have a chat between the project participants that is directly linked to the relevant task.

Timers Reporting

The hourly reporting system has also been upgraded in the last decade and has also adapted to the era of working from home. It has long been not just a magnetic employee card that needs to be ironed at the entrance to the office but a digital system that allows any employee to report their work hours from anywhere, and of course managers get a tidy report at the end of the month.

Help Desk

A system that is somewhat reminiscent of the customer management system, but is specifically tailored to companies that operate according to service calls. These are systems that know how to receive the service call from various sources - via email, mobile or telephone service center. The system then coordinates the service person and makes sure that the call was answered on time and properly.


Oh, this is truly a wonderful system that has entered our lives. Also economical, both green, and also makes an order in all the funds that go into the business and allows to issue income statements. Invoice issuance systems also centralize all your regular customers and allow you to issue fixed or one-time invoices easily and conveniently.

And now look at this list of systems and software that are really good and necessary, and ask yourself - how much do you pay per month for all these different tools?
Does the employees' hours registration system know to warn that a certain employee in the project has exceeded his working hours? And in other words - do the different tools in your business know how to talk to each other?
Now imagine one smart and efficient system that centralizes all these different systems and more, one that allows you a systemic vision and optimizes the business miraculously, and guess what - it costs you much less.
And in short, it's time for you to get to know manavate

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